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intelligent and self-sufficient hardware that is inaccessible from the outside

Our systems are secured at various levels. Common measures ensure that the software cannot be accessed without permission. This must also apply to the hardware components - we have taken care of that.  

The hardware registers itself with the software - without exception and never vice versa

In order for your time recording terminals and access readers to work according to the specifications that you store in the software, these two components must communicate with each other. Of course, this communication is reliably encrypted at all times. In addition, we have questioned and tested the security of our hardware in various scenarios and implemented a decisive mechanism that makes the hardware inaccessible to hacker attacks: the hardware registers with the software - without exception and never vice versa.

Scenario 1:
The hardware registers with the software for the first time

During commissioning, the hardware establishes a connection to the software for the first time, in that the hardware registers with the software in encrypted form. A connection is only established if the hardware serial number is stored in the software.

It is not technically possible to connect software to hardware

The hardware always logs on to the correct account 

Scenario 2:
The hardware is connected to the software

If the hardware is connected to the software, there is an encrypted one-to-one connection. Another connection or tapping of the communication is not possible.

Scenario 3:
The connection between hardware and software is broken

If there is no active connection between hardware and software, eg due to a power failure, the hardware continues to work independently.

The hardware works independently and is not dependent on a permanent connection to the software

The hardware saves work data locally - encrypted, of course. The hardware works with these until new data is sent to the hardware

If there is no connection to the software, events are stored locally, encrypted of course, until the connection to the software can be reestablished

Scenario 4:
Someone is trying to access the hardware from outside while it is not connected to the nubicon software

If a connection is to be established, it must be initiated by the hardware without exception.

If software tries to register with the hardware, it will be rejected.

Our hardware has a proprietary operating system. The knowledge of how it works lies exclusively with us.

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